Missing Animals

Animal Communication can help when it comes to contacting missing animals. However, there is a distinct difference in my definitions of Lost and Missing, and it is important this is fully understood, should you have the misfortune to be experiencing a Lost/Missing animal:

Definition of a Lost Animal:

The definition I use for this is where an animal has become lost due to its disappearance from an unfamiliar area, or as a result of a traumatic event - For example, escaping from a car whilst on the road, as a result of being attacked, lost whilst on a day out, or whilst at a holiday cottage.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer insight for these kind of situations, as it is well documented that due to the scared, confused and stressful state of the animal, their energy is 'hot wired' into survival mode, which unfortunately blocks the ability to communicate. Sadly it is therefore not usually possible to communicate with them, or to get a proper telepathic flow of energy.

Definition of Missing Animal:

The definition I use for this is where an animal has disappeared from its familiar surroundings, and has not been traumatised by any known event. For example, escaping from the home or garden, running off in known woodland or park, escaping from your car whilst on your driveway, or in the case of a cat, not returning as expected.

In these situations the animal is unlikely to be scared, confused or stressed, so their telepathic energy wavelengths are much easier to connect with. They may well be enjoying their adventure, or just seeking space. When this event arises, I can offer an Insight that provides an opportunity to communicate with the animal, and establish if it is well, and maybe why it has run off, and what it is experiencing. It must be stressed that this cannot ensure the animal will be found, but it will give some answers and help offer some hope of finding it, or confirm whether or not its unfortunately now in spirit.

Distance Communication Insight 4 - Missing Animal (2 part) £80

This is an Audio Recording of my communication with your missing animal. This Insight is offered in 2 parts:

Part 1 - I will attempt to communicate with your animal and will verify the information given to me, so that you can satisfy yourself I am in communication wiith your animal. This initial Insight will also provide guidance as to whether the animal is still alive, or in spirit. This part of the Communication usually takes 20 minutes and is priced at - £20.00

Part 2 - If the verification is correct, and you wish to proceed with part 2, then once booked, I will re-connect with the animal and continue by asking a series of questions to establish if it is healthly, whether it has eaten, how it is feeling emotionally - happy, relaxed, safe etc., and what it is experiencing. I may also be able to establish why it has chosen to run off. This part of the communication lasts approimately 30 minutes and is priced at - £60.00

It must be stressed that this communication, if successful, cannot guarantee the animal will be found, but it will give you some answers, and may help offer some hope of finding the animal.