Introducing a New Dog or Rescue Dog Into Your Home

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You are feeling excited about welcoming to your home a new dog, but at the same time you are worried about integrating the new dog into your household. You are concerned in case the dog can get snappy, aggressive, or can simply find it hard to bond with your children or the other pets in your home. I can communicate with this dog BEFORE you meet him or her! All communications are carried out by using a photograph so distance and location is not an issue.

You wish you could find out what the dog is like, his/her personality, likes and dislikes, whether he/she likes children, cats, other dogs etc. You've been thinking and considering all the pros and cons of introducing a new dog into your home, and you really really would love to have this dog join you, but you just need to know for sure that you can make this work. You need to find a way to ask the dog if he/she would like to be part of your family.

Session One (This is BEFORE you meet your dog in person) I will:

  • Find out the characteristics and personality BEFORE he/she joins your family. By knowing how this dog views him/herself, you can decide if his/her personality is suited to your household.
  • Describe to this dog your home and the environment which you live in. Now if this dog knows what to expect, he/she can be excited, rather than anxious, about going to your home, and can tell us his/her likes and dislikes, which will help with your preparation.
  • introduce your current pet(s) to the new dog and explain to your current pet(s) what your plans are. This will assist with the smooth transition of your new dog on the day of his/her arrival.

Session Two - for the day you meet your dog in person:

  • During your visit to meet the dog, I can check with the dog how he/she feels and thinks about your visit and the prospect of joining your family. This will give you the peace of mind that this dog is the one you would like to welcome to your family.

Session Three - for the arrival of your dog to your home:

  • When the day arrives for you to collect your dog to bring him/her home, I will communicate to reassure the dog, and also communicate with your other pets the plans involved for that day. This will ensure that your new dog and current pets at home feel safe and relaxed throughout that day.

Session Four - 1 week on - to check how your new dog is settling in:

  • Check-in with all pets, current and new, about how everyone is feeling and any issues that need addressing. By checking with your new dog how he/she feels about the routine, how he/she is adapting to the environment, indoors and outdoors, any issues can be identified quickly and resolved early on.

Session Five - 1 month on - Relationship building:

  • A check-in with all pets, current and new, about the developing relationship with one another. You will find out what your dog's likes and dislikes are, and explain to him/her anything he doesn't understand about his/her routine. You will feel reassured that everyone is happy and that they do enjoy living in harmony with one another.

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