Animal Communication Crisis Support for Your Pet and You

End of Life Support - £160*

*This service is only available as an 'add-on' to Emergency Communication, Pain & Chronic Health Support or General Communication Insight package/s. The number of check-in sessions can be catered to your pet's specific needs and where they are at with their stage of illness. For the purpose of this service, the quota is for 4 sessions. For more sessions, the price will be reflected accordingly.

Hours this service is available between 8am - 9pm. (Outside of these hours will be considered as the Emergency Communication Package)

What this service offers:

I will communicate with your pet to check their;

  • pain/discomfort level
  • eating, drinking, toileting needs and changes in behaviour
  • emotional needs - do they need company or would they prefer to be left alone, how they are feeling in that moment; anxious, scared, or calm, accepting
  • if they have messages they want to share with their family and animal companions
  • spiritual needs - what do they need to support their transition - music, healing, herbs, crystals etc

When your pet animal has passed away, I can connect with their spirit to ensure their transition is complete

A testimonial from Lara's guardian: Watch 'Honouring Lara's End of Life' video.

A testimonial from Dexter's guardian:

Optional service included in this package:

Advice and support from veterinary nurse Debbie Moses VN C-SQP who will be able to offer support and reassurance to you, talking through with you what to expect when the time comes and where possible (travel distance to be considered) will do home euthanasia if preferred; the cost for this will be outside of this package and an estimate can provided upon request.

Debbie Moses is also able to talk through with you any different treatment options that might not have been explored previously or discuss the outcome of treatment paths she's had experience with to make the final journey as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet animal.

To purchase this package please contact Joanne.

*If you do not find that this package suits your specific needs, I would welcome a chat with you so that we can discuss tailoring the communication exactly to what can help you and your pet.

You can contact me via the Contact Form or you can email me: