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You are curious and interested with how getting an animal communication will benefit you and your pet. Animal Communication is about opening up a conversation with your pet. It is the deepening of your bond with one another whereby you and your pet can discuss and share about almost everything and anything that is important for your relationship. All communications are carried out using a photograph – so distance and location is not an issue.

Consultation with Joanne (up to 60 minutes)  £95.

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How a communication session with an animal communicator can help

Welcome home new pets

You are feeling excited about welcoming to your home a new dog or cat, but at the same time you are worried about integrating your new pet into your household. You are concerned that the dog may get snappy, or aggressive, or the cat will be terrified and hides away, or that your new animal will simply find it hard to bond with your children or the other pets in your home.

I can communicate with this dog or cat BEFORE you meet him or her! All communications are carried out by me, an experienced animal communicator, using a photograph – so distance and location is not an issue.

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Behavioural problems & Health

You are feeling desperate and frustrated with trying to resolve an ongoing difficult issue with your pet. You start to wonder if your pet is happy living with you. You are feeling so tired trying to make things better. You are scared and upset that you have not been able to help your pet the way you wish you could. You are even contemplating getting your pet re-homed!

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End of life support

The number of check-in sessions can be catered to your pet’s specific needs and which stage of their illness and transition they are at.

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Maureen O.

"Truly, I cannot say enough about your fresh and honest approach to teaching animal communication. You meet people where they are.
I think most of us really struggle to feel that communication is authentic and you repeatedly address that."

Your questions answered:

How can I be sure that it is my pet you are communicating with?

It is important you feel comfortable and confident that it is your pet I am communicating with. At the opening of the session I will ask your pet to share with me their characteristics and often they will also include snippets of information about their life. I will check that you can resonate with the initial information before proceeding further.

What do I need to do to prepare for the session?

Prior to your session you will receive a confirmation email about your appointment, and a request for you to send two photos of your pet together with the meeting link.

Allow yourself a few minutes before you meet the pet psychic on the video call to be relaxed and comfortable. The session is up to 60 minutes, so check your internet connection is strong, as well as your laptop or mobile device is fully charged. The session will be recorded and you will be sent the file to download and keep. You are welcome to have pen and paper with you should you wish to make notes, although this is not necessary.

You can ask questions during the session and be at ease knowing that I will support and guide you as we explore the issues and concerns you have with your pet.

What if my pet won’t say anything?

It’s not usual that pets won’t communicate. Often this can signify if they are initially feeling stressed however they will soon open up when they know that I am here to fully listen to them and I do so with kindness and an open mind.

I’m worried that my pet may tell you I am not doing a good job as a pet parent.

Our pets are unconditionally loving. It’s just that when you feel frustrated or helpless with regards to an ongoing situation you are bound to think you’re not doing a good job, so know that you are doing an awesome job!
The communication session is an opportunity for both parties to share their perspectives through me, a pet psychic; your pets get to tell you how they feel and you can tell them how the situation is affecting you. Together with mutual understanding you will have clarity with knowing what the next best move is towards achieving a positive outcome.

Does my pet have to be present during my video call session?

Your pet can choose to join us during the video call if they wish. Allow them to decide. I will connect with your pet using their photo so they don’t need to be present.

Do I need to keep my pet quiet and calm in order for the communication to take place?

Your pet can be asleep or active during the communication. However it would be advisable to ensure your pet is comfortable throughout.

I have more than one pet, can you communicate with them all at the same time?

Your pet would love to receive undivided attention during a communication! However if the issue concerning your pet involves other pets in the same household, then they would receive a collective communication, i.e. I would communicate with all of them at the same time focussing the session on the one issue.

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Joanne Yeoh

I’m an animal (interspecies) communicator, teacher and mentor. I support pet parents who want to understand how their pets are feeling without having to second guess what they need so that a positive resolution for everyone in the family can be achieved with ease.

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