Really Brock? You Have Tired Legs?!*


This is one part of a full communication consultation I had with Brock and his guardian Angela. I'm sharing this lovely story with the kind permission of Angela because it demonstrates so beautifully that when our pet animals are able to tell us how they are feeling FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE, it really shifts how we relate to them.

One of the things that Angela could not understand about Brock was that he was so changeable when it was time for walks. Angela sensed that Brock was acting stubborn whenever she tried to encourage him to go for his daily walks. Some days Brock would eagerly show that he wanted to go out and he’d have a lovely time strolling and running. Yet other times he would not even leave his bed. And there were also times when once he’s outdoors and after only a short period of time, he would be insistent he wanted to return to the car or go home. Angela knew that Brock enjoyed his time outdoors so it was puzzle to her, and she felt sad that the days he didn’t want to go out, he was just staying indoors all day.

Angela had tried to keep to a routine. Then she tried changing the routine to see if it would suit Brock. She even left the matter alone but none of these methods gave any clues as to what Brock wanted to do when it came to having regular walks. Over time this was beginning to feel stressful for Angela. Deep down Angela was worried about Brock not getting the regular exercise and outdoor stimulation that he needs. Angela, like so many of us with our own dogs, wanted Brock to have a happy life indoors AND outdoors. As far as Angela was able to assess, Brock did not present with any mobility issues to cause this level of unpredictability with wanting to go for walks.

So when it came to my communication with Brock, I asked him what it was all about. And Brock very quickly replied by shouting to me 'I HAVE TIRED LEGS!' I thought I had imagined it when I heard this because it came through so clear but it was not what I had expected! I asked Brock to explain please and Brock said that although he did not show any outward physical issues that would affect his mobility, he can experience his legs getting tired quickly. And he shared the imagery of an old man holding a walking stick, and even gave me the term 'Grandfather Legs'.

With this insight from Brock, Angela could release all her concerns and frustrations towards the situation and realised that what Brock wanted to tell Angela was that when his legs felt tired, he was saying 'No' to walkies. Brock had also asked for Angela to stop viewing him as 'stubborn'. A shift in mind-set began. Instead of feeling worried and disappointed when Brock refuses to budge to go for a walk, Angela tells him 'I understand. You have tired legs'.

To cut the story short, a few weeks after the communication consultation Angela made arrangements for Brock to receive massage sessions from a Canine Massage Practitioner. I then received this message from Angela which made me laugh so much……. 'What on earth did you do to Brock?! He was like a racehorse speed yesterday, every time I looked up he was galloping! He very much liked his massage!'

*A true animal communication story. Names and photos have been substituted.

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