Candy - American Quarter Horse

Candy is an American Quarter Horse and was with her owner, Cass, for 21 years. Candy is now in spirit. When Cass contacted me about a communication service with Candy, these were her questions:

'I had to have Candy put down 3 years ago, come October 2015. She suffered with severe arthritis and with the onset of winter, I had to make that final decision. I'd like to know; is she pain free now, and Is she still with Chant?'

Testimonial from Cass (with extracts from the communication)

'My Animal Communication for Candy was very reassuring for me. Candy developed arthritis and had to be retired about 6 years before I finally said goodbye to her at the age of 22 years. I had tried various medications to ease her daily life, and during the summer months she was fine, but when the weather turned damp and cold, it didn't seem to matter what I gave her, she was definitely in discomfort, if not pain. With the onset of another harsh winter forecast, and having to confine her to her stable if the weather was bad, the kindest thing to do was to let her go. During the time it took to properly diagnose Candy's condition, I had several people tell me I should whip her, that she was simply being stubborn in refusing to move. But I knew my horse, and I knew she was telling me something was wrong, it wasn't Candy simply being a mare as had been suggested. The following paragraph taken from the reading fully endorses this'.

"My spirit is light and pure now. My body on Earth became too toxic and it grew old too quickly. I know Cass had to hold on to the faith that she knew me better than anyone else, and I saw her fear and anger as she battled against others. Our bond was so strong she knew she had to listen and act on what I needed. She set me free. My life with Cass was a fulfilling one. She showered me with such a deep sense of joy. A warmth in the place of her heart she has never felt before".

'Candy was my soul mate, and I did tell her things I didn't tell anyone else. I haven't met anyone (until now) who would understand what my horse was saying if she tried to repeat my secrets! This extract from the reading shows you the strong bond we had...'

"The way she stroked my face and whispered to me. She'd come real close to my face and our eyes would lock and she'd whisper to me. She'd tell my everything. Sometimes she'd say something funny and I would shake my head up and down, and make that sound almost as if I was laughing too. She was always gentle with me".

'There was no doubt in my mind that Joanne had communicated with Candy, and I sincerely hope she will be able to do so again in the future'.

Cass Davies 09/10/2015