Moo - Guinea Pig

Moo is a 2 year old female Guinea Pig. She has lived with owner Blue for 2 years. Blue wanted to know if Moo was happy, and whether there was anything else she could do to make Moo's life better? Moo was originally a rescue Guinea Pig and came from very difficult conditions. Blue also wanted to check if Moo's ear caused her pain?

Below are extracts from the transcribed communication:

"Her voice is gentle and soft. Her nature is enquiring. Quizzical. Loves to know what you are up to. She tells me you relay your day to her, and she likes that. She feels she's part of your day then. She says you are very busy. Never really stopping to look after yourself. That you have 'snatched meals'........."

"Moo says you have lots of stories to tell and maybe one day you should write a book of stories. 'Plenty of ideas in your head', Moo says. Do you sketch? Draw animations? I can see almost like pencil-lined drawings. Pencils. Moo is mentioning pencils to me. Is this of significance that you are aware of?............"

"I sense it may be her left ear that has some issue? I can feel some warmth when I run my hands over her left ear, compared to her right ear. Moo is telling me it gets itchy at times. Waxy. Do you bathe it with warm water on a cotton pad? I am shown this image so whether that is what you already do, or that Moo is saying this can help her? Moo says it is more discomfort than pain. Sinuses. That word is being mentioned, so in a way I can also sense some warmth around her right ear but that ear does not cause any discomfort. More that her sinuses are affected along the right side.........."

I asked Moo if there was anything that Blue could do, that would make her life better? And this was Moo's message.....

"Do what you can. Do what you love. Don't worry so much. My life is so safe with you. We love our chatter and natter. Tell me more stories. Let me smell your perfume. (I'm receiving an image of Moo on your dressing table). We are girlies together."

Feedback from the owner

I am genuinely touched by Joanne's reading and am convinced that she did indeed communicate with Moo. She got her character just right and mentions several things that Joanne simply could not have known.

Blue Johnston 05/10/2015