Pixel - Polecat Ferret

Pixel is a 10 month old rescue Ferret. Becky, his owner, wanted to know about his past and generally how he is, and whether he is happy living in his new home with her.

Below are extracts from the communication with validation from Becky

"It was so amazingly quick the way Pixel communicated, that I found it quite a challenge trying to keep up with him! So many images and words and feelings were conveyed in such a short time, that I really had to whizz through it. He was so accurate in the way he relayed how the cage he was placed in was a white-wire cage and that it was a female who opened the boot of the car that he was placed in, and Pixel even showed me she was wearing a mac-like coat. Turns out Becky could verify that it was a female officer from the RSPCA that rescued him, and Pixel was placed in the back of a van in a WHITE carrier cage! Pixel also told me that his 'room' at home is a long cage and he has these 'friends' that 'waited' in the corner of his cage for him to play with. Becky confirmed that the hutch she bought for him is a long one, and she places soft toys in each corner of the hutch, and moves them around for him to find them! Amongst other things Pixel also mentioned, he told me he enjoys Becky tickling his tummy......and Becky tells me she tickles his tummy when she plays with him!"

'Loved the reading, thank you so much.. It's always so interesting. Loved the bit about the stuffed animals bring him company. I'm glad he is happy and well'.

Becky Kitchener 1/10/2015