Sapphire - Springer Spaniel

Sapphire is a 5 year old Springer Spaniel, and her owner is Selen, and they have been together since Sapphire was six weeks old. Selen requested a general communication with Sapphire and also wanted to know if she's happy.

Below are extracts from the communication with validation from Selen

"When I tuned-in to communicate with Sapphire, she very quickly wanted me to tell you she's doing a lot of swimming at the moment. She says she is having great fun. She tells me she's not with you at the moment. (I'm not sure if she means right this moment, or that you are away on holiday without her). She's showing me two ladies that are looking after her. She knows one of them quite well, and the other lady Sapphire is familiar with. Sapphire says to tell you she's well, she's okay and she is having fun."

'Whilst we were away, Sapphire did indeed do a lot of swimming. She kept jumping into the pond at the park! She was staying with my best friend and her parents. She knows my best friend well, as she stayed with us last year for three months. The other lady would have been her mum, who also helped to care for Sapphire'.

"She says she likes to laugh a lot! I hear the words 'loony', 'crazy', so I'm not sure if these are the words she is describing about herself, or that she hears these words around her. Sapphire says she gets very excited when these words are being used."

'We call her loony or crazy all the time because she just doesn't stop running around, and she goes crazy when she sees people she recognises'.

"I'm not sensing any health issues with Sapphire nor physical discomfort. However I am drawn to the area around her front left leg, but it's not specific. Could it be her front left paw? I sense her fitness and energy levels are good. Her appetite is fine. I don't think she is a fussy eater, although she can be particular about what foods she eats. She's now showing me a banana, so I'm not sure if she likes to eat bananas, or she has a toy that is shaped like one, or it is to do with the colour of yellow?".

'Sapphire recently had an operation on her back left paw to remove a tumour that was causing her discomfort. Whilst we were away, she was having some discomfort in this paw and was taken to the vets who gave her ointment. Sapphire likes to eat bananas, but she also has a banana teddy she likes to play with'.

'We are so pleased you were able to do this for us Joanne, and so grateful to hear that our Dog is happy. She brings us great joy, and we love her very much'.

Selen Dawson 23/08/2015