Shifu - cat

Three years ago this poor cat was found by a member of the public. He was in a terrible state - Thin and malnourished, matted coated and sadly with a broken back leg. Gemma heard about his dilemma and decided to adopt him, (and named him Shifu). She had the vet check him over, and supported their decision to amputate his leg, in order to save his life. Gemma realised it would take many hours to nurse him back to health, (especially as he needed 4 different lots of medication to help him recover). She placed him on a healthy diet, and after weeks of determined effort and patience, he began to put on weight. He also learnt to walk on three legs. His overall condition improved steadily and with the loving care of Gemma he started to regain confidence.

Gemma contacted me for a home visit, as she wanted to know more about Shifu's past, and see if there was anything she could do to help him release the trauma he experienced. Shifu presented with a puzzling behaviour, whereby if he saw another cat he would let out this peculiar and very loud 'yeowl' which is alarming to hear, and more like a scream. Gemma didn't know if this was Shifu's way of expressing fear, or pain, and wanted to have more of an understanding about this reaction. Gemma was also having difficulty grooming Shifu, as he would struggle and appear to be unhappy about the routine. She wanted me to communicate with Shifu the importance of his grooming as his coat was prone to matts.

This was an animal communication home visit that I had with Gemma and Shifu. As Shifu communicated information to me about his past, it was a true healing experience for Gemma to witness his story there and then. A home visit can allow for a greater opportunity for the owner to become involved in the communication, and issues can be understood and resolved more quickly.

Testimonial from Gemma

After the home visit I received this message from Gemma:

'Thank you for the communication with Shifu, I found the experience really moving and loved understanding more about him and his background. He seemed to want me there with him and appeared so calm and welcoming of the communication with you. He has been so much better with grooming and is generally more relaxed. Surprisingly I've not seen him scream since, which is amazing as he would do it regularly. There was one incident where he began to growl at a cat outside so I acknowledged Shifu's request and clapped my hands to scare away the cat. (This was what Shifu had told me he wanted me to do during the communication). Shifu immediately looked directly at me and gave a loud, direct meow at me. It felt very much like he was confirming that I had done what he wanted and was grateful at having been listened to and understood.'

Since the communication Shifu has appeared really happy and as if we understand each other better.

Gemma K 13/9/2015