Case Studies

The following case studies and testimonials are provided with the approval of the owner and their animal.

Joanne Yeoh Case Study Moo


Moo is a 2 year old female Guinea Pig. She has lived with owner Blue for 2 years. Blue wanted to know if Moo was happy, and whether there was anything else she could do to make Moo's life better? Moo was originally a rescue Guinea Pig and came from very difficult conditions. Blue also wanted to check if Moo's ear caused her pain? Continue Reading


Candy is an American Quarter Horse and was with her owner, Cass, for 21 years. Candy is now in spirit. When Cass contacted me about a communication service with Candy, these were her questions: Continue Reading


Misty was a Siamese (Lilac point) female, Aged 16 years and 2 months on the day of passing, So she is now in spirit. At the time when I received the email from Misty's owner Carol, I was not aware of Misty's vets diagnosis, made four weeks prior to the communication. The email from Carol read; Continue Reading


Sapphire is a 5 year old Springer Spaniel, and her owner is Selen, and they have been together since Sapphire was six weeks old. Selen requested a general communication with Sapphire and also wanted to know if she's happy. Continue Reading


Pixel is a 10 month old rescue Ferret. Becky, his owner, wanted to know about his past and generally how he is, and whether he is happy living in his new home with her. Continue Reading


Three years ago this poor cat was found by a member of the public. He was in a terrible state - Thin and malnourished, matted coated and sadly with a broken back leg. Gemma, heard about his dilemma and decided to adopt him... Continue Reading


A touching tribute to Pumpkin by her guardian Jo. Continue Reading