My Cat Refuses to use the Litterbox. Help!

Cat Refuses to use Litterbox

This is a wonderful example of how Animal Communication helped an owner to understand why her cat had suddenly started to soil the house and refuses to use the litter boxes.

The owner first wrote to say he has 3 other cats in the home. One of the cats, Pearl, recently began refuse to use the litter boxes and started soiling throughout the house. She would, however, use the box if she was alone in one of the other rooms in the house. The owner wondered if the other cats were bullying her but she couldn't find any reason for this, as they have always lived in harmony.

My communication with Pearl revealed that one of the other cats is asserting his authority – and I sensed this cat is also quite a large cat. Pearl communicated to me that sharing the litter box has not been a problem before. The other two cats have decided to follow this male cat's lead but Pearl has chosen to withdraw from them instead. This male cat’s odour is also quite strong – and so I wondered if his urinary system needed medical attention. I asked Pearl's owner if the other male cat drinks enough water. I believed Pearl's change in behaviour, with not wishing to use the litter boxes, was also her way of trying to lead her owner to the insight that this male cat may need more hydration and that he possibly needs medical attention.

This is an excerpt of the owner's feedback -

“Jasper is the male cat in the home who seems to drink very little. He has thyroid trouble…”

This shows that by communicating with Pearl we can help meet her needs in a more focussed way. It also alerted the owner to seek further medical attention for Jasper. The owner has since set aside a separate litter box for Pearl and more importantly, he can feel rest assured that all is well with Pearl. He will also seek further treatment advice for Jasper.

Without Animal Communication, all the practical ways to resolve litter box issues may not have worked as effectively.

Would you like to understand your pet better? Imagine how it must be for them when they are not able to express their feelings and thoughts clearly to us, and this manifests in behaviour issues. Let me help you to learn how to communicate with your pet and to listen to what they need to tell you.

Maybe your animal is a rescue with damaging past experiences? Maybe the family dynamics have altered? Maybe you've moved house? Or maybe, for no apparent reason, your animal starts to show signs of stress, or erratic behaviour? You're obviously going to feel upset that you're not enjoying your time with them, and you'll be concerned you aren't meeting their needs, which will begin to make you feel guilty. You might even start to question whether you're a bad owner or not! Perhaps you've already sought training/behavioural methods, maybe even medical/ vet advice and treatment, but despite that their issues continue to prevail...

Animal Communication will explain how your animal is experiencing things, from their perspective. A chance to see things differently, to actually get to understand the reason for your animal's behaviour. To find out what they are feeling and to have a better understanding of that. It can help alleviate fear and/or aggression, anxiety or phobias, and even help you discover which bed cover or food they prefer. By revealing the underlying problem or concern, Animal Communication can help you achieve a deeper understanding of their needs, and help you provide a happier environment for them. Be it a dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, guinea pig, horse, tortoise or snake - Animal Communication applies to all creatures, great and small!

Experience shows that some animal owners find themselves facing concerns with no idea how to solve them. This is when consulting the help of an Animal Communicator is invaluable. Animal Communication is about listening to your animal and learning what they are feeling and thinking. An Animal Communicator can relay your questions to them, and provide their answers. It can also give you messages from them, thereby enabling you to learn about their way of seeing things. Giving you this insight will make life so much happier, so much more pleasurable for you and your animal.

Don't live with the stress of having an unhappy animal when a solution is waiting right here! Animals can bring us endless joy. When they don't, it's time to understand why...

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