Pet Communication Deep Dive

...for pet parents who want to continue to grow their bond with their cats and dogs so they can build and nurture a long-term communication practice at the same time taking their connection to the next level


Phase #1: Discovering your personal (bespoke) communication style when conversing in the language of your pets

Uncovering your passion and motivation for communicating with your pets and what fascinates you most about the process so that you are able to move from a place of confusion into a crystal clear and confident communication

Revealing your natural talents through studying the way in which you connect with your pets so you can align to the modality you intuitively gravitate in order to communicate from your authentic self

Diving deep into how you best comprehend information from your cats and dogs so that nothing is lost in translation

Phase #2: Improving the fluency of your personal (bespoke) communication style to achieve competency when interpreting what your cats and dogs are saying to you

Discover how to expand your vocabulary to allow clear and concise communications so that your pets can understand you more easily

Enjoy finding out what new experiences this language would open up for you and your pets so the learning is fun for all of you

Gain confidence with being able to express yourself clearly so that you feel at ease in all situations and anytime you wish to communicate with them

Phase #3: Establishing the most useful topics you and your pets can communicate about to keep motivation levels high

Explore subject matters that incite curiosity so that your cats and dogs are excited to converse with you

Learn to engage your pet’s attention and for a longer conversation when questioning them with regards to concerns you have so that you can unearth the cause of the issue to allow for a harmonious solution to take place

Phase #4: Mastering communications for the on-going situations you and your cats and dogs are facing in reality

Find out how you can apply the right type of questions needed to explore behavioural and health matters so that your pets are able to comprehend what you are asking

Explore ways to switch from active to passive learning so that you make the language of your pets a part of your everyday life

Participate in group practice and receive personal guidance for how to effectively communicate with your cat or dog over a specific issue so that you gain practice in a safe space container facilitate by an expert who can make suggestions and guide you out of struggle

PET COMMUNICATION DEEP DIVE 6-Month Group Online Mentorship

...Only £550

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You will get...

Twice monthly group online calls (Zoom) where you can receive my personal attention. You will be able to talk through any aspect of your communication with your pets that you need advice and guidance with and overcome any doubts or confusion you’re experiencing when facing challenges with your pets

Access to the members only Pet Communication Deep Dive Facebook group where you can access Joanne and receive a high level of support. This is the safe space where you can come to with questions and concerns you have about your pets whom you will be working together to improve your communications

Plus these bonuses:

1 x 45 minutes one-to-one mentoring via zoom call with Joanne to identify your personal (bespoke) communication style whereby you will gain absolute clarity with what is holding you back when it comes to communicating with your pets

Guest Speaker session with a Pet In Spirit Communicator on a live group zoom call talking about how to connect with your beloved pets who have passed on

Printable and downloadable personalised "Communication with my Pets" Journal to record details of your communications with your pet. A lasting and precious momento diarising the learning journey you and your pets will share together on this program

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