From Heartache to Acceptance moving into Hope & Joy

From heartache to acceptance

The story of one animal communication client who journeyed this emotional path*

Pete contacted me as he had adopted a dog Mal and he truly was smitten with this dog. However his resident dog Lucky struggled with this adjustment as Mal was constantly looking to 'play-fight' with Lucky. Lucky felt intimidated and would cower and hide. Pete had hoped that in time, with appropriate training and behavioural support, things would improve. And believe me, Pete tried.

I received a call one day as Pete was at his wit's end. He could see that Lucky was becoming more and more withdrawn, and the situation turned worse as Mal could not settle, constantly wanting to interact with Lucky, but in the manner that Lucky found uncomfortable.

I am so glad Pete found the courage to contact me. Often there is fear that we would be judged and criticised when faced with a situation such as Pete's. For me what's beautiful about accessing communications with our pet animals is that THEY do hold the answer. So you are not alone when making difficult decisions.

In the communication session, I asked both Mal and Lucky how they felt about each other, what they both needed from having an animal companion, and how they viewed their relationship moving forward. Their responses were honest, clear and above all else, wise.

Pete had worried himself sick that by even contemplating re-homing Mal, this would cause distress to Mal. Mal told me that he does not take things to heart and that he is more focussed with wanting to resolve issues. That is his primary drive when problems present themselves. He described himself to be adaptable, strong, and intelligent, with high levels of energy and he goes on to describe what his ideal new family and home would be like.

For Lucky he communicated that he was not against having an animal companion. In fact, the opposite, he would love an animal companion...but just not Mal! And not another animal with the personality traits of Mal. Lucky then described his ideal dog companion.

Knowing this was an absolute godsend to Pete! With this insight Pete could come to terms with what he needed to do, to ensure the happiness for both Mal and Lucky.

A few months had passed and Pete contacted me once again. He had two bits of news for me. One was that Mal had found his ideal family and that he had settled really well. The other news was that he was considering adopting another dog as a companion for Lucky. Before he went ahead with the decision Pete asked me to communicate with the new dog, and also with Lucky. Turns out both dogs were very at ease and happy with one another when I introduced them to each other telepathically. i.e. this is BEFORE they met up in the physical sense.

Good news! Update is that Pete, Lucky and new dog *Sasha settled quickly without any issues...and in fact Lucky and Sasha are practically inseparable!

*A true animal communication story. Names and photos have been substituted.

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