Pet Communication Quickstart Course

……for pet parents who want to converse with their beloved cats and dogs and for pets who want their parents to understand what they are trying to say

  • Establish a connection with your own pets so that real conversations can happen daily
  • Expand on the spectrum of topics your pets want to discuss with you
  • Overcome breakdown in communications so the loving connection between you both is always present
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Animal Communication Deep Dive Membership Programme

……for pet parents and animal communicators who want to develop confidence and competence with learning the language of animals 

  • Gain confidence with your own experiences through self-referential applications
  • Develop competency in talking to animals in their language. How to elaborate and expand on information received
  • Facilitate and offer the greatest transformation for both the animal and their person
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3 month Mentoring Programme

……for animal communicators who want to confidently and consistently generate clients, get paid and deliver great sessions

  • Effectively release the fears that are holding you back from receiving payment for your services so that you can grow a successful business as a professional animal communicator with a queue of clients
  • Build a foundation plan for starting your business so that you have a clear vision for achieving a specific outcome goal
  • Create effective messaging so that you only attract the dream clients you want to work with
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