Does your choice of animal reflect your fundamental characteristics and personality?

Can this be true you ask? Does my choice of animal really reflect me? I'd often asked myself this question too, especially as I'm an avid people-animal watcher, and it certainly came to mind when I thought about people's choice of pet, be it a Horse, Dog, Chicken, Cat, Ferret etc.. So having given the matter some thought, I created this Fun Insight Guide of what your choice of pets may reflect about you!

What does your choice of animal say about you? A fun Insight!

Horse - proud, strong and a trusted person, full of focus. Do you find that people misunderstand you, at times? They may think you are a little stand-offish but beneath this headstrong exterior, lies a sensitive and emotional person. Others are drawn to you because of your steady focus when it comes to completing a task. Within your family circle, you are regarded as the 'strong one', and those in your community respect you as you have proven to be very trustworthy and reliable.

Dog - You are someone who likes to have some house-rules, and enjoys companionship, whilst being loyal and up for fun. You are certainly a 'Man's Best Friend'! Although you enjoy the companionship of others, you also like your own space. Outdoors you are gregarious, fun-loving, sociable, and chatty, but once you are indoors, you like to chill out and have some 'alone time'. You have been caught out enjoying one too many naps in the afternoon too, given the opportunity!

Chicken - You like detail, and are inquisitive, having a sense of selfless community spirit. Do you find yourself checking out the local noticeboards to see what's happening in your area? Are you someone who likes to help out in school fetes, charity events, and enjoy being involved in the local activities? Every village and town needs someone like you! Your generosity, selfless nature and ability to 'scratch around' for things to do to helps others, is admirable.

Cat - Gentle natured and tactile, looking to take charge, and enjoys a warm pampurrring. So, it's time to get up? Time for dinner? In fact, it must be time for a massage! who's going to dress you? Who's going to serve you food? Who's going to relax you? What? You have to do it yourself?! Hey, hang on, there's someone in your life you can 'purrrrr' your way into their hearts and can enjoy a spot of pampurrring from them. Your nearest and dearest have learnt that it's wise to let you take charge, and although you have a gentle side to your nature, there is another side to you that is revealed, should someone offend you!

Ferret - Mischievous sense of humour, witty, energetic, always on-the-go. Whoa! Stop! We can't catch up with you. Are you busy almost all the time? So much to do that you find yourself running here there and everywhere. You have a cheeky personality and you like to play jokes on your friends and family. Harmless fun, of course. People enjoy being in your company as they love your wit and boundless energy. You are also known for your love of party games, whenever there's a get-together with friends or family.

Tortoise - Methodical mind, responsible, patient and peaceful. Do you like to take your time with making decisions? Sometimes others don't understand and try to hurry you up. However, you have a lifetime of experience that has shown that patience is a true virtue. You are not easily swayed by others or by the stresses of life. There is an inner peace about you. You like to be thorough with your plans.

Guinea Pig - Bubbly, communicative, love to chat and giggle, happy by nature. You love to chat! Stories, folk tales, legend, parables - you have an incredible imagination and an adventurous mind. Talking is your favourite pastime and you love a great conversation. People adore spending time with you because of your happy outlook on life. You don't allow negativity to get you down. You have an infectious giggle - there's usually laughter echoing in the hallway where you've been.

Bearded Dragon/Lizard - Steady, calm, observing, adaptable. Are you the person everyone turns to in an emergency situation, because they know they can depend on your calm and steady influence? You are not easily rocked by the chaos and panic caused within an unstable environment. Instead, you hold steady, calmly observing all around you, making note of the situation, and where needed, you can easily adapt to the changing conditions. You are a survivor.

Budgie - Great company, bold, good natured, centre of attention. You love music! You can cheer a day up with your sing-along personality. Even if the weather is cloudy outside, you can light up the room with your bright and bold personality. You are a celebrity in your own right - People love to visit you and spend time listening to your chatter. And of course, you love being centre-stage, as your visitors adorn you with praise and compliments.

Snake - Sensitive, mysterious, quiet, confident, determined. You go about your day quietly, and others almost forget you are there as you prefer to operate in the background. When others get to know you, they can still find you a little mysterious and sometimes describe you as secretive. However this does not deter you from achieving your life's goals - which you do confidently with your eye fixed firmly on your prize....and when the time is right, your strike out masterfully with determination and skill, to claim your prize!

Have you ever wondered how your pet would describe you? And what if your pet animal was asked to describe himself? Do you think it will be the same as how you would describe him?

I know from my hundreds of communications with animals that they don't often regard themselves the way we see them. It's truly an insight to find out "from the horse's mouth" how they would describe their characteristics and personality. You can find out what your pet would tell you by booking a Distance Communication Insight with me!

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