Joanne's Story

Ziggi's Fight For Survival - January 2017

Joanne Yeoh

I have helped hundreds of pet owners during their most distressing times. This involves supporting both human and animal by communicating with their pet about the difficult decisions their human companions have to make when they are unwell, missing or injured. And the most difficult decision of all is communicating and understanding when, or if, the animal is ready to pass to spirit.

Nothing hits home stronger about the importance and value of communicating with our pets than when it happens to your own animal.

This is my story.

On the morning of 30th October 2016, my precious cat, Ziggi, was found with horrific injuries after he was attacked by what I believe to be a wild creature. I discovered him lying in our barn where he had managed to run for safety, even though he was so badly hurt.

He underwent a 4 hour emergency operation and the vets described the muscle tissue of his abdominal wall to be 'shredded and mauled'. His condition was regarded as critical. A week into his recovery, an x-ray taken also showed he had a fracture to his spine (L4). The vets advised me to consider the option of euthansia as Ziggi was diagnosed with paralysis of the back legs, coupled with having no bladder control.

The opinion of the vets were based very much on the critical condition that Ziggi presented. Yet throughout this ordeal and pressure of having to make an almost immediate decision, Ziggi kept communicating to me he wanted to come home and he wasn't ready to leave the physical realm. I knew in my heart I had to honour Ziggi's wishes, and I am grateful for listening to him. It made me realise how important being able to communicate with my own pets was. Without this I would not have been able to make the decisions I have for Ziggi, and I shudder to think of the consequences.

The wonderful news is that Ziggi is home! He came home on the 8th November 2016 and he is continuing to recover and heal. In fact, 2 months from the day he was attacked, Ziggi started to stand, and in January 2017 Ziggi started walking! He is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day, and we look forward to the Spring and Summer of this year as I truly believe, he will be enjoying the outdoors, once again.

In my work as an Animal Communicator, I know too well when helping owners to communicate with their pets in spirit, how the number one emotion that we struggle with is guilt. We wonder if we did the right thing putting our pets to sleep, or whether we kept them with us living for far too long at the expense of their quality of life. For me, being able to hear Ziggi's wishes saved me this pain.

You can follow Ziggi's story here: Ziggi's Update 2021.