Resolving Difficulties and Understanding Your Pet - £190

You are feeling desperate and frustrated with trying to resolve an ongoing difficult issue with your pet. You start to wonder if your pet is happy living with you and you are so tired trying to make things better. You are scared and upset that you have not been able to help your pet the way you wish you could. You are even contemplating getting your pet re-homed!

You wish you could just resolve these unmanageable issues, and then you know you can enjoy your pet. You would love to know how to listen to your pet and meet his/her needs easily and without having to guess. You want your pet to be happy. You want your pet to know how much you love him/her.

Animal Communication is about opening up a conversation with an animal. It is the BEGINNING of a relationship with one another whereby you and the animal can discuss and share about almost everything and anything that is important for your relationship. All communications are carried out by using a photograph so distance and location is not an issue.

Session One - Helping your pet to open up:

  • As it is likely that your pet may also feel frustrated and closed down as a result of the struggles, I will help your pet to communicate freely and easily about how he/she is feeling. This will allow you to know exactly what it is your pet needs from you, and how you can meet those needs. I will support both you, and your pet, with understanding one another better. By understanding one another better, you and your pet can begin to feel more able to work together to resolve the issues identified.

Session Two - Listening to your pet:

  • I will relay to you how your pet views him/herself i.e. characteristics and personality. You will find this useful to know how your pet sees him/herself as so often we make assumptions based on our observations. This will give your pet the opportunity to tell you directly what he/she is like. This will help you to re-evaluate your pet's behaviour and give new perspective to the presenting issues. You will gain insights about your pet and understand your pet better.

Session Three - Resolving the presenting issues:

  • Now that your pet has opened up and he/she feels safe and relaxed to communicate about what he/she needs, we can really gain valuable insights into how to resolve the difficulties. I can be the mediator for you and your pet so that agreements and compromises can be made to ensure both parties are happy with how to resolve the presenting issues. Your pet can tell me what he/she will be able to do and you can explain to your pet why you need them to take heed of your instructions and requests. You will gain clarity about your pet's needs and so can adapt the training methods. You will reach a deeper understanding of your pet's behaviour and know exactly how to help him/ her to feel better and for you both to be able to work and live harmoniously together.

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