Pain and Chronic Health Support - £145

  • Although you are managing on a daily basis to take care of your pet's health condition/illness, you find yourself constantly thinking about his/her quality of life.
  • You are concerned that if your pet needs more help/support, feels unwell or experiences discomfort that you might not be able to see/hear/understand the signs your pet gives you.
  • You worry about your pet being in pain and wish you could determine where, and what level, his/her pain is at.
  • You feel scared and upset at the thought of having to make all the required decisions for the 'End of Life' stage and wish you could ask your pet what he/she feels about this.

Animal Communication is about opening up a conversation with an animal. It is the BEGINNING of a relationship with one another whereby you and the animal can discuss and share about almost everything and anything that is important for your relationship. All communications are carried out by using a photograph so distance and location is not an issue.

To read about Ziggi's (the cat pictured) story please click here.

Session One - Working together as a Team:

  • Working with the history and current medical and holistic treatments you are offering your pet, I will check with your pet and relay to you how your pet feels towards these treatments. This will allow you to know exactly what it is your pet needs from you, and how you can meet those needs. I will support both you, and your pet, with understanding one another better. By understanding one another better, you and your pet can begin to work together and in turn allow you to assess whether there is a need to review the current care programme.

Session Two - Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Care:

  • I will communicate with your pet about their physical discomfort/ pain; whereabouts in his/ her body and what level. You will find this useful so you can work with your veterinarian and other holistic animal practitioners to alleviate your pet's pain. I will check with your pet his/her emotional state. This will help your pet to communicate about how he/she is feeling about ageing, illness, changes to their routine etc. Animals too need to process the changes in their body and mind and do appreciate being able to share with you their thought and feelings. I will communicate with your pet to ask how he/she wishes to connect with you spiritually. By knowing how to do this, you can create a unique ritual for spending special time together. By connecting with your pet spiritually, I will be able to relay what your pet's insights are with regards to the subject of his/her End of Life stage.

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