Animal Communication Crisis Support for Your Pet and You

Emergency Communication - £150

This package is suitable for when:

  • Out of the blue your pet animal collapses and you rush your pet animal to the vet. Upon examination and tests by your vet, you are told the only option is for your pet to be euthanised immediately. Your mind is in a frenzy and you don't know what to do, especially as your pet animal is conscious and able to interact with you. You need to make the right decision there and then, and you want to know from your pet animal:
    1.     (a) whether they understand what is happening to them
    2.     (b) whether they want to choose to live or whether they accept that they will be assisted to die
    3.     (c) if there's anything they need or want to tell you right there and then

  • You take your pet animal to the vet for a check-up and tests have shown your pet animal's physical body is in crisis, e.g. renal failure, a cancerous lump is detected, a mass is shown up on their organs when scanned, a terminal diagnosis is given to your pet animal. You are in a dilemma about the options available to you i.e. either to opt for surgery and long-term medication or for euthanasia. You have to take into account the age and general health of your pet animal, however you know your animal loves their life and family and you don't know if they are ready to die. You want to do the right thing and you need to know if they are suffering and whether the quality of life can continue for them. In your heart you feel it's too soon, but your head says it needs to be done sooner than later. You need to know from your pet animal what they choose to do.

  • You worry about your senior pet being in pain and wish you could determine where, and what level, his/her pain is at. You feel scared and upset at the thought of having to make all the required decisions for the 'End of Life' stage and wish you could ask your pet animal how they feel about this, whether they are aware of their ageing process. You have not supported a pet animal through the natural dying process before but you would ideally like to provide that care for them. You have questions about the practicalities and need out-of-hours advisory service when your own vet surgery is closed.

What this service offers:

Out of hours communication with Joanne Yeoh. Hours available via text/messenger/video call 6am - midnight (it is not a guarantee that your call can be answered immediately but every endeavour will be made to return your call within 24 hours maximum as this is a personal service I am offering).

I can communicate with your pet animal and relay to you what they are thinking and feeling. In times of crisis, your pet animal will be clear about their wishes and will guide you with what they need in that present moment. It is also an opportunity for you to share with your pet animals the decisions you are having to face so that you and your pet animal are able to work through together what needs to happen. All communications are carried out by using a photograph so distance and location is not an issue.

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Booking your emergency communication session:

Every endeavour will be made to ensure a communication consultation is made available within 24 hours of your request. You will need to send me two photos of your pet animal preferably recent photos but not absolutely necessary; one showing face and eyes and the other of whole body.

We will either meet via video call or speak on the phone initially for me to relay the immediate insights your pet animal wants to tell you.

Depending upon the action you decide, you can then choose from the following two packages for on-going support:

End of Life Support

Chronic Pain & Health

Book Now or if you wish to discuss your specific needs then please feel free to contact me.

*If you do not find that this package suits your specific needs, I would welcome a chat with you so that we can discuss tailoring the communication exactly to what can help you and your pet.

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