Pet Communication Quickstart Programme

...for pet parents who want to converse with their beloved cats and dogs and for pets who want their parents to understand what they are trying to say

MODULE ONE: Understand how your pets communicate so you can experience how they think and feel

Learn the language cats and dogs use to communicate so you banish the guesswork of trying to interpret what they are saying to you

Discover how to communicate together, without words, allowing you to break through the 'language barriers' and hear the truth of their message for you

Uncover strategies for boosting your connection so you can easily "call each other up" no matter the distance between you - ideal for those times when you’re apart and you want them to hear you

MODULE TWO: Establish a connection with your own pets so that real conversations can happen daily

Explore ways of creating the ultimate setting for your cats and dogs to feel relaxed enough so that conversations flow easily

Recognise their preferred style of communicating with you so you are both "on the same page" especially when asking them difficult and sensitive questions

Gain confidence in the answers you receive from your cats and dogs so you can trust you're not making it up

MODULE THREE: Expand on the spectrum of topics your pets want to discuss with you

Tune into the same frequency of your cats and dogs so they are able to initiate conversations with you rather than you having to ask them questions all the time

Harmoniously resolve behavioural challenges by knowing how to approach the conversation so that they can explain why they are doing what they do

Conferring care plan arrangements so when it comes to you making health decisions for them they appreciate the vital role you play in advocating for them

MODULE FOUR: Overcome breakdown in communications so the loving connection between you both is always present

Knowing the signs when your cats and dogs are not wanting to communicate and for you to wait until a better time to have a conversation so you avoid badgering them

Enjoy delving into what they are thinking and feeling so that you truly can see life from their perspective

Increase your confidence when communicating with your cats and dogs so that you are conversing easily everyday

BONUS #1: "Your Pet Communication-Style" 10-minute Assessment

Delivered by email, I will personally connect with your cat or dog (one pet per participant) and check their communication-style so that you have certainty of their preference and avoid the fear of "getting it wrong"

BONUS #2: Visualisation Bundle to turbocharge your intuitive senses

Visualisation exercises for you to practice in your own time so that you develop the ability to switch on and off your communication channels as and when appropriate.

BONUS #3: Eavesdrop on a conversation between your pets including a translation so you get to hear the truth of how your cats and dogs feel about each other

Recording of a live demonstration where I’ll show you how pets who live in the same household communicate with each other so that you get to find out how they feel towards one another

You can access the Pet Communication Quickstart Programme today!


My down-to-earth "Pet Communication Quickstart" programme"

a simple to follow, quick to implement, communication process to hone in your understanding for the way your cats and dogs want to communicate with you so that you can easily have two-way conversations

Additional resources to fine-tune your communication channels

enhancing the learning from the online classes so that you have more opportunity to develop your skills and enjoy the outcome of strong conversations with your pets

Continued support in a private Facebook group membership, exclusively for people in this program

where you will receive individual attention so that any struggles you encounter will be quickly turned around as I will be there to “hold your hand” moving you into a place of confidence. I’ll be in the private Facebook group cheering you on to keep your motivation high as you become fluent with conversing in the language your cats and dogs use

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