Animal Communicators need Animal Communicators

In the depth of my darkness I reached out twice to another animal communicator...


My story with Ziggi has taught me to reach out for help from others who do the same/ similar work as I do. After all there's the saying, "no man is an island". When you are in the profession of helping others, it can be tempting to think you can also “do it all” and resolve worries, concerns and issues with your own pet animals. However what I’ve experienced is that when you seek the support from another in the same expertise as yourself, you give yourself two very wonderful gifts; you learn to soften your pride, to be vulnerable, to open up and share your insecurities, doubts, pain with another. And you are inevitably shown that your instincts, that gut feeling, the intuitive knowingness you had about that specific concern for your pet animal is correct, valid, real. Wow...pause here for a moment and breathe in these two gifts you have given yourself.

Three years ago my cat, Ziggi, was terribly injured and his life hung in the balance. He communicated to me that he wanted to live even though two vets had recommended immediate euthanasia. Ziggi’s physical body was in such a mess that most people I spoke with agreed with the vets. I knew what Ziggi was saying to me but I was not confident enough in myself while going through shock and trauma in that moment. I decided to contact Danielle Tremblay, my animal communicator mentor, and it was from that communication consultation that everything turned around. Ziggi had a miraculous recovery!

Once again, only weeks ago, I needed to reach out to Danielle Tremblay again. You see, my personal situation changed dramatically last year and I had to leave my home. At that time Ziggi communicated he wanted to stay where he was until I was settled then he’d check out if he would like to be with me. He said “in theory” he would like to be with me but he knew then that I was not clear about my own future. Ziggi too felt he needed to take care of his significant male guardian as he knew he was being depended on for companionship. It’s been 13 months since I last saw Ziggi and I had the comfort of being able to communicate with him telepathically.

Interestingly one of my animal communication students contacted me about 2 months ago and said, "Hey, have you heard from Ziggi lately? I think you need to talk to him." This alerted me to ask Ziggi to open up to me. And I discovered there were potential changes that could affect his future.

I asked Ziggi if he would now want to come to live with me and showed him how settled my life is. I could sense his longing yet once again I felt unsure because I wanted to know it was 100% Ziggi’s choice, rather than me putting my own interpretation on a highly charged emotional situation. I booked a communication consultation with Danielle Tremblay, and as always, Ziggi’s clarity with his communication is astounding. He spoke of the changes that were being discussed but said nothing was confirmed. However he did confirm his wish is to be with me and even asked me to go “pick him up” and showed me that his “bags were packed”. At the same time he continued to assure me that he is fine, he is well, safe and loved where he is.

Ziggi's future with me is unclear at the time of writing. The likelihood that Ziggi's current guardian will allow Ziggi to live with me is very low. However I have promised Ziggi that I will not give up. And somehow we are going to make it work so that Ziggi has the choice and can make the decision about who he wants to live with.

And therein lies the purpose for why I do what I do - I am an animal communicator who works to give pet animals a voice. And their voice is important. I am grateful to humans who are sensitive enough to listen, support and allow for the changes our pet animals need from us.


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