The Intention and Understanding of Animal Communication Insights

Please remember that these communications come in the form of telepathic messages to me (images, words, numbers, feelings and sounds), and are therefore not given as factually based or scientifically verified statements. Neither should the content of any communication be taken literally. Sometimes the communication may reveal aspects of you, not just your animal, and this should be taken within the overall context of the communication.

I relay the communication with your animal to you, with the purest of intentions, to provide a deeper understanding of your animals needs, or communicate your questions to them. Quite often, in answering the questions you have about your animal, their answers may not be literal, so assumptive translation to understand what is revealed to me, may be required. You may also need to think 'outside the box' to understand what is being disclosed. At times the information received from the animal may be of a sensitive nature, so I ask that you entrust this communication in the confidence that you perceive as necessary. The communication will be deemed private and confidential between you and I, and so it will be at your discretion, as to whether you choose to share this animal communication with other parties.

If as a result of the reading you feel that any changes are necessary for you and/or your animal, then any such changes will be as a result of your decision to implement them and not deemed to be as a recommendation or instruction by me. Furthermore, the communication may be of an emotional nature, and therefore you are recommended to seek adequate support, should you feel this might be necessary.

I do not promote specific brands of food, methods of training, or any commercial products. My Animal Communications do not replace any veterinary consultations, nor do I diagnose conditions. I may work alongside veterinarians and anyone else associated with the welfare of your animal, but only with your written permission. If your animal has a health condition, you must seek the advice of a veterinarian in all cases. Any actions you choose to take as a result of my Animal Communication, must remain solely your responsibility, as the owner of your animal.

Joanne Yeoh, Interspecies Communicator & Energy Intuitive