A Dog Named Troy


I'd like to share a story of a dog named Troy. In fact, I'm going to re-phrase this and say, I'd like to share a remarkable story of a remarkable dog named Troy!

When Troy's guardian, Angela, contacted me for an animal communication session, she was wanting to find out what more she could do to support Troy physically and emotionally. Angela told me that Troy was so ill last year with gastroenteritis, and due to the fact Troy suffers from the condition degenerative myelopathy, it meant he was so weak he could not raise himself. In fact he had to be carried around on a stretcher when he went to the vet. It was a difficult and upsetting time for Angela as she did not know how this would impact on Troy's future. However Troy did recover from his gastroenteritis, but the loss of nerve sensation to his hind legs meant his mobility gradually became less and less over time.

When Angela contacted me to communicate with Troy, I was unaware of this diagnosis. In fact when I asked Troy to talk about his health, he did not even mention his hind legs! Upon reflection, this made sense as Troy was 'unaware' of the sensation in his hind legs. Angela told me he had not been able to stand or walk without support or assistance for the past three months. (Note: My communications with animals is via distance work, i.e. I use photographs of animals to connect with them. Sessions are mainly carried out via recorded video calls with the human guardians so they are involved in the communications).

As the communication session progressed, Troy 'looked me directly in the eye' and said he wanted to improve the mobility in his hind legs! To be honest this took both Angela and I aback. However my experience with communicating with animals has taught me to be completely open to exploring and understanding the animal's perspective. I fully respect that animals hold a higher wisdom about what they need than what we think we know for them. And so it was my position to honour Troy's wishes, and I therefore explained to Angela the energy work that I was able to offer Troy.

I will always remember the message I received from Angela after the communication session ended. I had begun the energy work, and within 15 minutes I received this message 'He has just stood up and stretched himself lifted his tail and taken 2 or 3 steps onto his bed. I am dumbstruck.'

And the progress continues, with more and more movement in Troy's hind legs, he is now able to stand, walk several paces, and even turn himself round without falling down! The first video clip shows Troy a day after the communication and energy work session. The second video clip shows Troy 9 days after the communication and energy work session.

Troy received a total of 7 energy work sessions from me. And 3 days after the initial session Troy could toilet himself staying upright! It's important to note here too that in his communication Troy also requested for massage work. Troy knew that he would need hands-on therapeutic work to release the tension in his shoulders which would be the muscles he would rely on to hold himself upright. It was the perfect collaboration of distance and hands-on work to support Troy's rehabilitation. Angela had arranged this so, to date, he has received two sessions from a Canine Massage Practitioner.

The reason for sharing this story is two-fold; one is to serve as a reminder that animal communication has a vital role in helping us to listen to, and understand, our animals at a deeper level. Second is that animals will communicate and ask from us what they know we can help them with. The latter part is really the reason why I am sharing this story, as it depicts my development in my work as an animal communicator.

Through my webinar teachings, I am known to impart to others my belief that animals will 'tap into our pool of knowledge'. This is perhaps the reason why an animal will bring up a subject matter with one person, and not with another. I have reached a level with my animal communication practice whereby I am passionate to learn and practice energy work primarily to help animals who are unwell, in pain, injured, and who are undergoing their end-of life phase. And I know that Troy absolutely knew this, and hence communicated to me he wanted me to help him improve on his mobility!

I will share more about the energy work I am practising in another blog, but for now, I would like to credit this energy learning to Claire Walker. As a result of this I am now able to offer my animal communication service combined with this energy work to truly help animals to communicate their needs, and to ensure their quality of life is upheld.

With thanks to Angela W for her kind permission to share Troy's story.

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