The Answer You Are Looking For May Lie in the Unanswered Question*

I have two animal communication stories to share about how our pet animals know about their bodies better than we do.



My gentle giant of a Deerhound. When he appeared to become unwell almost overnight, I asked him to guide me as to how I can help him. He did not answer. Over the next few days I kept asking him, and I took him to the vets so they could run tests. After 4 days of not receiving an answer from Merlin, I pleaded with him to tell me as I could see he was getting worse and he was beginning to struggle with his eating and also with his mobility. In a very still voice I heard him say 'I'm not telling you because you can't fix it.'

At that time I did not really understand what Merlin meant. Or rather I did not want to accept the meaning behind those words. Within a week of him communicating that to me, he passed away. Tests revealed he had kidney failure. It was sudden and unexpected. But Merlin knew.



A stoic character of a pussycat who had managed to stay well on medications to reach the age of 15 years despite several chronic conditions. When he started to show breathing issues, his guardian took him to the vets who recommended various tests to investigate how to help Ginger. When Ginger's guardian asked me to communicate with Ginger to check if he was happy to go ahead with the tests, Ginger kept quiet. He didn't say 'yes' and he didn't say 'no'. I did not sense that he was indecisive either, so I knew I had to wait for the answer to present itself when Ginger was ready.

A day went by, and the vets were concerned that it was almost urgent to investigate what was causing Ginger's breathing problems. So I asked Ginger once again to let me know what his decision was. And he answered "either way, whether I have the tests or not, the outcome will be the same". I knew what he meant by that, yet it was hard to truly be 100% absolutely clear about this as the vets believed Ginger was not unwell enough to be euthanized. I explained to Ginger that a decision had to be made with urgency and that no way would his guardian go ahead with the tests if Ginger did not consent to this. In that moment, Ginger gave permission.

The results of the tests showed that Ginger had an inoperable tumour which meant Ginger could not breathe unaided. So Ginger knew. He also knew his guardian had to have the peace of mind to know that his physical body could not be saved.

So yes, sometimes the Answer we are looking for lies in the unanswered Questions

*A true animal communication story. Names and photos have been substituted.

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