About Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Joanne Yeoh

Animal Communication will explain how your animal is experiencing things, from their perspective. A chance to see things differently, to actually get to understand the reason for your animal's behaviour. To find out what they are feeling and to have a better understanding of that. It can help alleviate fear and/or aggression, anxiety or phobias, and even help you discover which bed cover, or food, they prefer. By revealing the underlying problem/concern, Animal Communication can help you achieve a deeper understanding of their needs, and help you provide a happier environment for them, be it a dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, guinea pig, horse, tortoise or snake - Animal Communication applies to all creatures, great and small!

Experience shows, that some animal owners find themselves facing concerns with no idea on how to solve them. This is when consulting the help of an Animal Communicator is invaluable. Animal Communication is about listening to your animal, and learning about what they are feeling and thinking. An Animal Communicator can relay your questions to them, and provide their answers. It can also give you messages from them, thereby enabling you to learn about their way of seeing things. Giving you this insight, will make life so much happier, so much more pleasurable for you and your animal.

Maybe your animal is a rescue with damaging past experiences. Maybe the family dynamics have altered? Maybe you've moved house? Or maybe, for no apparent reason, your animal starts to show signs of stress, or erratic behaviour. You're obviously going to feel upset that you're not enjoying your time with them, and you'll be concerned you aren't meeting their needs, which will begin to make you feel guilty. You might even start to question whether you're a bad owner or not! Perhaps you've already sought training/behavioural methods, maybe even medical/ vet advice and treatment, but despite that their issues continue to prevail.....

Are you feeling like this? Well now is the time to seek a solution.

I know I have experienced these feelings with my own animals, and how unbearable it felt at the time. The frustration and worry, and the impact it has on daily life. So if you are troubled by your animal, act now and imagine how you'll feel finding a solution to all that - Suddenly you can see things from your animal's perspective. How they view their lives and its routine. You have an insight into what fears and anxieties they may be carrying. You now understand their needs, and as a result have a clearer picture of what their triggers are, and how to overcome them. Suddenly there's a meeting of the minds, so to speak.... The net result? A happy animal, and a happy you!

Don't live with the stress of having an unhappy animal when a solution is waiting right here! Animals can bring us endless joy. When they don't, It's time to understand why.....