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Joanne holding a copy of her book Conversations with Companions

How it Started...

I started a project in December 2020, whereby I gathered twelve colleagues who were learning animal communication from me. I was curious about why we were all saying the same thing…. which was “I can communicate with other people’s pets but when it comes to mine, I find it difficult.” This perplexed me, hearing this over again so often in the animal communication community.

I shared with them that I’d like to communicate with one of their pets whom they would nominate so I could ask their pet DIRECTLY why it is their person believes they find it more difficult to communicate with them, than with other people’s pets.

We set up sessions on zoom for us to meet for the communication to be carried out live, so that both the pet and their person could be involved. I was clear about one thing, which was that I was there to ask the questions to the pet that would help shed light on the subject matter. I would facilitate a discussion whereby the pet could express their views and feelings, and offer suggestions to their person to improve their communications together. We also agreed that each person taking part would carry out the suggestions their pet spoke about.

Joanne smiling holding her book Conversations with Companions

The outcome was more than I anticipated...

Initially, I was going to use clips from the videos to share with others as information. However, as the communications came through, it dawned on me that this was a wondrous source of material that would make good reading! I also felt that these stories deserved to be remembered and what better way to record the conversations than to put it in writing.

Guess what though…. I have never written a book before. Nor do I journal regularly and even avoid blogging. So what made me think I could do this?!

Well...I am thrilled to announce that in November 2022 my book was published! It hit the bestseller list on Amazon, and received five-star reviews from readers...

...Conversations With Companions:

Conversations with Companions, bestselling book by Joanne Yeoh

Mastering Communication with your Pets!

This book is for people who believe pets have feelings and are important members of the family. You can understand the language of animals and connect with their wisdom by learning how to communicate with your pet.

Do you wonder?

  • Is my pet happy?
  • What can I do to make my pet's life better?
  • What would they tell me if they could talk?

Conversations with Companions shares stories of how others used the powerful techniques in this book to enhance their own understanding with their pets. The teaching elements of this book will take you through the foundations of communicating with your pets and will leave you excited about how much more love and fun you can experience with your treasured companions.

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Read the Reviews!

  • Lauren holding her copy of Conversations with Companions

    If you’ve always wanted to know what your pet is thinking or why she’s staring at you, this is the book for you. In this book, Joanne Yeoh, explodes the myth that talking with your animals is hard. Full of real-life stories of people communicating with their pets and having eye-opening conversations, you’ll learn that you, too, can talk with your own pets. Joanne is a wonderful teacher and author and now this information is accessible to anyone who loves their pets and wants to have a conversation with them.

    Lauren Sarlya

  • Anya holding her copy of Conversations with Companions

    This is such a beautiful book! It is full and rich with heartwarming and enlightening stories that Joanne shares of how she connected with 12 animals and their people, and what the animals told her about the sort of communications they really needed in order for the conversations to flow better. This led to new perspectives for the people, the resolution of many issues, and more peace of mind for everyone concerned. Even if our stories with our pets may be a bit different, there’s much food for thought here for us all.
    This book is for everyone who’d like to explore deepening their understanding and sensitivity regarding their pet. Joanne includes fun exercises we can try at the end of each chapter, which stretch our awareness, helping us to meet our animals where they are, and to practise speaking their language.
    I highly recommend this book, for all animal lovers, pet guardians, and animal communicators. You’ll love it!

    Anya Gore

  • Bex holding her copy of Conversations with Companions

    If you’re reading this wondering whether to buy this book…do yourself a favour and hit buy NOW! I read Joanne’s book in just one day which is a rarity for me and is testament to the wonderful words, inspiration & insight she has packed into the pages!! It’s a myth busting book with easy to read case studies full of insight into the individual personalities and ways of animals. A lesson and a reminder of how, like us, all animals have their own ways, desires and purpose in life. I have taken so many things away from reading this book that to mention them all would probably turn this review into a novel itself ! AHA moments aplenty but I know some lessons from these pages will take a while to sink in or to show up in my life, it’s impact is profound! I’m so greatful to have spent my day soaking in the wisdom from these pages. My relationship with animals and my animal communication practice has been forever, positively impacted by this book. Thank you to Joanne and the animals and pet parents who appear in this book for sharing and teaching through these pages.

    Bex Kett

  • Bettina holding her copy of Conversations with Companions

    In her book ‘Conversations with Companions’ Joanne shows us that there are different ways of communicating with our pets. Reading the book will kickstart your confidence to find your own way, and the great practical exercises will help you to trust and develop your intuition. Wonderful tools and beautiful stories from pets and their parents. Thank you all!

    Bettina Jessen

  • Hana reading her copy of Conversations with Companions

    In this excellent book Joanne Yeoh explains that communicating with our own pets isn’t as difficult as it is commonly believed. She asks 12 pets to share with their human guardians their own recomendations for improving their mutual conversations to add a new dimension to their relationship. And their answers are so unique and inspiring.
    This book is full of ideas and fun exercises. It is very different from the other books on animal communication I have read. I learned so much from it. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves their animal companions.

    Hana Křivánková

  • Hunter the doberman with Angeli at the beach

    A fantastic book about animal communication with real life stories! This book shows you how people accomplished a deeper understanding of their animals, using the many styles of communication that Joanne teaches. These are not theories, they are actual stories. Joanne has a very unique way of creating a bridge between humans and animals. If you are curious about what is really going on with your animals, what they are thinking, how they are feeling and so on but have no clue of how to go about finding a way to get the answers. This book gets you on your journey.
    It’s a very easy book to read, with useful information and exercises to try for yourself. The many scenarios of how Joanne helps create the connection between people and animals are so insightful. I definitely encourage you to read this book. It makes you smile and it opens a door for new possibilities of creating mutually beneficial communications between you and the animals. I love this book!! Have fun exploring!


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