I have always wanted to communicate with animals but never believed that I could do it. Joanne made my dream come true. I recently attended Joanne's webinar workshops, each session was exciting, uplifting, informative and fun! Working within a group was special, learning from and supporting each other as we progressed on our journey. Joanne is a fantastic teacher, valuing each student as an individual encouraging and supporting each one of us to communicate in our own special way.
Gail Blair (August 2018)

Joanne is a truly authentic animal communicator and exceptional teacher. The animal communication sessions my dog, Bear, has had with Joanne have been amazing and have led to Bear and I having a deeper relationship and better understanding of each other. Joanne's brilliance has excited me to follow my own aspiration of being an animal communicator. My first 1-2-1 teaching session with Joanne was exceptional. She focused on finding my own style and with her guidance and support as well as her obvious love of and natural gift for what she does, I was able to achieve real live communications. I am very excited to be following our 1-2-1 session with Joanne's group teaching webinar. Anyone wanting to learn more about their animal companion or learn to communicate with animals, Joanne is the one for you.
Louise Hall (June 2018)

Dear Joanne & Furry Family, I cannot thank you enough for your totally amazing help in communicating with my furry family. Through the loss and grief of my beloved Boxer dog Bruce and working out how myself and his cat brother Smeg can still communicate with him and how we can still move forward without him, so much so that we welcomed our adopted rescue Boxer dog Skippy! The communication we had before, during and after the transition process was invaluable and was key to the smooth introduction to our home. So much so that we were told by animal healers they could not believe that Skippy had only been with us for 2 weeks (at the time)! His 'record sheet' from the rescue centre and his previous home has totally been erased, no crate or muzzle needed! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts Joanne lots of love from Charlotte, Smeg, Skippy and of course Bruce the catalyst and wise old soul who knows everything!
Charlotte Walker (April 2018)

Oscar was scared to go out and I didn't understand why. Joanne helped me to understand my dog and after the session, two days later, Oscar was walking outside. I would recommend this lady.
Fiona Thriepland (March 2018)

All of the aspects of Scout's daily life and experiences communicated to me by Joanne were spot on. I now know my lovely little dog loves to hear birds singing and he loves his evenings in with the family around him. More than anything, he knows that the love that we have for him is for life. I can't thank Joanne enough for her time and I would recommend her to any of my dog owning friends, rescue or otherwise because to know how your dog relates to you and how you can continue to build on that bond is worth so much.
Tracey Ison (February 2018)

Being introduced to Joanne has been a revelation for me! I didn't think it was possible to love my dogs more than I did already but communicating with them through Joanne has been life changing! To know how they feel and ask their opinion on things, giving them choices and the chance to make decisions in their own life is mind blowing for me and liberating for them! AMAZING!
Cheryl Snowball (November 2017)

Highly recommended! This year Bella has coped much better with fireworks since having a communication session with Joanne recently.
Penny Fletcher (October 2017)

I have tried various training methods (all positive) and behaviourists with my extremely anxious and dog-reactive Romanian Street Dog, together with herbal tonics and various aids. Some helped for a while, but we always felt like we were taking one step forward and then two steps back. Joanne picked up on her anxiety, her emotional issues and the fact that she is a rescue with a traumatic past. She also pinpointed the spot of Polly's physical discomfort. Not only that, but she has taken the time to help point us in the right direction for therapies which will help Polly to heal emotionally. She clearly cares deeply about what she does and the animals she talks with. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to understand more about their pet. Thanks for your help Joanne!
Jo Dempster (October 2017)

We have a poorly foster dog and I have been worried that I may be making her worse because we can't find out what is wrong. Joanne connected with her and helped to put my mind at rest. She gave me lots of tips and pointers for helping her to enjoy her time here and really helped me to stop questioning myself too. Since our reading, I feel like she is so much more relaxed around us and I'm working on making sure that I don't put too much pressure on her. Thanks Joanne - I feel like i know her even better now.
Angelina Linker (May 2017)

In the nearly eight years I've shared with my cat, it simply hadn't occurred to me that a nutritional imbalance may have adversely affected his behaviour patterns. Thanks to Joanne being able to connect with him I now have new insight as to what he needs to bring a sense of harmony and wellbeing back into his life, as he has communicated this very clearly.
Sally Grigalis (January 2017)

Joanne is a lovely, kind, generous, genuine and very compassionate person. Her ability to communicate with and help animals (and people!) is superb. Joanne had already done a reading for my Moo so I knew she was really good at what she did so when my other sweet piggie Noodle died suddenly, I asked her to help me. Noodle's death came as such a shock to me and I was having problems with dealing with the awful events of her last day on Earth. Joanne was able to communicate with Noodle and what she told me brought me comfort. Even though the pain I feel about her passing will never go away, it really helped me to deal with it; I felt a lot more at peace. Joanne was able to tell me things that I didn't know that Noodle knew. Noodle told her that I had always seen her as the strong one of my two piggies and it was so true I had (Moo was the one with health problems) and that was the main reason it had been such a shock to lose her so suddenly. She helped me cope with the distressing moments of Noodle's death which I was distraught about. I was comforted by the fact that Noodle had heard me when I was talking to her in her final hours, Joanne was able to relay things that actually happened and I felt such relief hearing how Noodle felt whilst these things were happening. Truly amazing and it's all down to Joanne. I couldn't recommend Joanne enough, she is a wonderful person and is truly gifted. Thank you so much Joanne!
Blue Johnston (October 2016)

Joanne is a very kind and compassionate person who has a mission to help animals and their human family members. She has the ability to talk with both pets who are living and those who have passed on. She was able to talk with my Miniature American Eskimo dog. No one would ever look at my dog and think he was a working farm dog who does some herding activities. But, Joanne was able to pass on that message to me even though it seemed to defy logic. Joanne didn't know we lived on a farm and that Quinn is a working dog - including the herding. Joanne was also able to communicate with my dog, J.R. who recently passed away. She was kind and compassionate and passed on some comforting information from my baby. Including some of the descriptive features of my property and things consistent with his personality and behaviour.
Anne Hodgson, Ontario (September 2016)

Joanne was able to connect with my friends dog when he suddenly went missing from their garden last week. She picked up on 2 main points which confirmed what we thought may have happened. The dog is now back with the owner. Such a talented lady, can't thank her enough for the insight. Thank you Joanne
Sarah Smith, Bishop Ramsey (August 2016)

Joanne is so easy to work with, and is fast becoming our family friend! Her speedy responses to my initial questions and easy lines of communication( via FB or email for us ) mean we were quickly in a dialogue. Her connection with Genghis was accurate and insightful, I have learned a lot and I am able to take some of the imagery and see how it translates ... Already we are changing approaches . And her follow up is ongoing... Amazing... I totally recommend.
Mandy Wilson, Tutbury (August 2016)

Joanne's wonderful gift in communicating with animals helped me understand why my beloved rescue cat had left home and also how to (successfully) entice him home. He left for 7 days which was an awful time, not knowing if he was dead, hurt or trapped. Joanne managed to contact him and help him come home. He now comes home and stays regularly, though there is still work to be done. And on his days/nights out I now trust it is what he needs to chill out. Sounds crackers. But the proof was in the pudding. I've never met Joanne face to face yet she managed all this. Cant recommend her highly enough.
Biddy Househam (July 2016)

Joanne was fantastic. She had a chat with a Guinea pig we lost 18months ago and was able to tell is things that she had no way of knowing except from Ginger. It was a great experience. Thank you.
Elizabeth Baskeyfield (March 2016)

Joanne gave a very accurate reading and was spot on with everything that she said. Joanne was very caring and compassionate with a sensitive issue that my boy wanted to communicate to me. Will definitely recommend Joanne to give you a true reading.
Tracey Doolan, Cardiff (March 2016)

Joanne gave a very accurate reading and was spot on with everything that she said. Joanne was very caring and compassionate with a sensitive issue that my boy wanted to communicate to me. Will definitely recommend Joanne to give you a true reading.
Carol Bradbury-Townsend, Gloucester (December 2015)