Meet Joanne...

I’m an animal (interspecies) communicator, teacher and mentor. I support pet parents who want to understand how their pets are feeling without having to second guess what they need so that a positive resolution for everyone in the family can be achieved with ease.

I used to view my role to be one of ownership with my pets, i.e. I would make the rules for them to follow. Decisions such as a house move, new addition to the family, where I took them for walks and what food I fed them, were carried out without considering that my pets would want to have an input with the decision-making.

Joanne having a loving moment with her cat Ziggi

It never crossed my mind...

...that my pets and I could communicate! Don’t get me wrong, I was loving towards them and they meant the world to me. However it never crossed my mind that my pets and I could communicate in a way that allowed us to understand one another’s feelings and thoughts. Hence when they either reacted to a situation in a way that I deemed was inappropriate, or they exhibited distress, I would veer from feeling frustrated to helpless - especially when I couldn’t bring about a positive solution to ease their state.

Yet being someone who is sensitive in nature, I instinctively knew that this way of taking care of them was not reflecting the “true me”. However at that time of being a first-time dog owner, I was trying to follow the books I was reading that focussed on the owner needing to be the “alpha in the pack”, and as I desperately wanted to be the “perfect dog owner” I thought that was the only way!

Cupped hand holding an amethyst crystal

Everything Changed...

...when I discovered that I could connect with all animals; they would share their feelings and thoughts, and in detail too, relating to matters that concerned them. I had embarked on a certified Soul Coaching ® Oracle Card practitioner programme and this was pivotal with helping me to further my development connecting with Intuition and becoming an animal communicator. Prior to that my career was in holistic therapies for people; aromatherapy, kinesiology, hypnotherapy.

Joanne & her dog Mhyah having a loving moment

Today, I experience...

...the best relationship I could ever imagine with my pets. As my intuition became stronger, I could converse with animals, using animal (telepathic) communication about all kinds of topics; home environment, daily routine, relationship with their family members, what they enjoyed about their life, and what they didn’t. The conversations would extend into being able to discuss with them problems and struggles they would be experiencing such as behaviour, health, and day to day living.

Today, I experience the best relationship I could ever imagine between my three dogs and cat. With my own pets I no longer make assumptions that I know what they need or what is in their best interest without first communicating with them. In turn, they are far more open to receiving my care and guidance and their level of relaxation and enjoyment of life has significantly increased.

A bouquet of pink & cream flowers with Joanne's roller banner in the background

There became a demand for...

...the way I help pet owners. What led me to start my animal communication business was that there became a demand for the way I could help pet owners who were experiencing problems with their pets. This was as a result of having studied more about animal communication and offering support to friends, who in turn, recommended me to their friends.

I began to witness the positive impact and transformations that took place after the pet parents would understand better how their pets were experiencing what was troubling them. And from this understanding, changes could be implemented which allowed their pets to be supported individually in a way that was specific for them. My passion for this work grew and grew and as the saying goes, “the rest is history”!

Joanne's dog Mitch

I believe our pets have feelings...

My reason for dedicating my life-work to being an animal communicator is I believe that our pets have feelings and everything we do affects them emotionally. They live in an environment and have a lifestyle created entirely by us and often this can pose numerous challenges for them. These challenges can present themselves mainly as behavioural problems or emotional issues

Imagine how frustrating it would be if no one understood what you were trying to say, or asked you how you were feeling, but instead attempted to “fix” you. In a society where products, gadgets and medications are sold to pet parents who think they have reached the end of the road to finding a remedy to their pets’ problems, the struggles still continue. This creates a disharmony and constant worry for the family.

Joanne at her laptop

Communication is the key...

My expertise is in bringing the owner and pet together to a place of understanding by communicating with both parties (interspecies communication), translating for the pet as well as explaining to the pet what the ongoing concerns are, whilst supporting the pet parent to explore positive ways to progress towards a resolution.

Relationships with our pets can suffer when there has been long-term misunderstandings. I strongly believe that communication is the key, for when this breaks down, the bridge to healing both parties will not exist. After all, our pets mean the world to us, and to not be able to enjoy sharing our lives with them would be untenable.

Joanne & her family of pets

They noticed a dramatic improvement... their pet’s behaviour. Over the years of continued learning in the field of animal communication, I have refined and defined my method to effectively help hundreds (likely thousands, but I haven’t counted lately!) of pet owners. This led me to create educational programmes to teach pet owners to communicate with their own pets. Many of those I have worked with notice a dramatic improvement in their pet’s behaviour and emotional state once they could communicate with one another. In time my business expanded into providing mentoring to guide and support trained animal communicators who want to continue with their professional development and invest in their business success.

The turning points in my on-going journey as an animal communicator all come from the experiences my own dogs and cat have brought to me. Each has had a profound effect on me, as well as on our relationship. You can read about their stories here. They have brought to my awareness the importance of being “given a voice that can be heard” so that I don’t override their wishes, and instead respect their views and feelings, even if their perspectives differ from mine.

My ongoing wish...

…is to assist your pets in helping you to better understand them, so that you can live in harmony, and both experience the magic of sharing life together.

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